Greetings from Bremen - northern half of Planet Earth

Hello Colja and Helge, their dynamic two Globetrotter's !! Unfortunately, I have to work and am now mighty jealous because of the great places you've already visited. The pictures are great, please more of it! I will immediately get me a Lonely Planet book "New Zealand". Currently no exact idea where my VW T5 will carry me in the future yet. Desire to travel and exploration are now already awakened.

I wish you and Helge all the best and many great experiences with the fantastic country and its people.

PS .: How does the mobile camping? Kai had shown me pictures of the ingenious space-saving bed construction. A brilliant solution !!

Colja to your information. Meanwhile, the new HLF 10 of Fa.Schlingmann was delivered in Ahlerstedt. All equipment is now stored keyword oriented. In the car on the left side all devices for technical assistance and the right side everything for firefighting operations. Driving is great and the Firetruck has already experienced first real use. Link can be found here:

Best regards Ralf, currently in Bremen on the north half of the planet Earth.