Things I miss from Germany:

- a bakery where I can buy real bred and fresh rolls



Things I'm happy to leave in Germany:


Things I would import from NZ:

- 1 kg glas pic's peanut butter (crunchy)
- queing up at bus stations and in supermarkets (one line in front of several cash points)
- fast line cash points with self service in supermarkets 
- pedestrian light (only artive when you push the button: 1. red = stop + bip .... bip ... ; 2. green = go + BIUP! bipipipipip; 3. flashing red = getting red soon + countdown sometimes)


Things I bette leave in NZ:

- chlorous smelling tap water
- the thousands of thin plastics bags you're getting everywhere

funny statistics:

Kiwis eaten since my arrival in NZ:  7