Master Chefs Waiheke

Sarah, Ben and I

Spoiling nice fish! - Give it to us raw and wriggling!
— Gollum in The Lord of the Rings Part 2: The Two Towers

It must have been our 3rd or 4th trial, but final finally we caught a fish on the weekend. Even if not a Snapper, where we actually were fishing for, but we ended up with a lovely fat Kahawai =) À la "from the ocean on the table" we filled it with some lemons, spring onions end herbs when we came home and steamed on the BBQ. Reason enough for me to stay another night with Ben and Sarah, having probably the most awesome dinner ever and bring it to the next favourable weekend on Paradise Island. Again, thank you so much for that guys. Haha, I nearly fell home already =) 


Sarah with her trophies

And just in time for the day light saving (we're now 11h ahead to Germany) it was the first real summer like weekend. Heaps of sunshine and blue sky. So we could go fishing in shorts and shirt and sweat like hell playing soccer. But the nigh before we also had a big event at Sarahs soccer club. We joined the really super entertaining prize giving and celebrated her award for the best women player voted by their team mates and the most outstanding senior player - wuhuuu, con-grates!!! Good job Girl!!!! Such a success!! We are proud of you Sarah!!

We also watched a super exciting Rugby game between England and Wales. You guys in Germany might have not realised, but currently the Rugby World Cup is on. The most important and meaningful sports event here in NZ. Maybe comparable with the Soccer World Cup in Germany or so. Anyway, all is about the All Blacks at the Moment. Great I can make this experience during my stay here in NZ as well. Looking forward for the knockout rounds and sure the final at the end of October. Hope the All Blacks make it and can defend as the first team ever their World Cup title from 2011 here at home. Will be a great event. And the day before I have my big bike race around the Coromandel Peninsula. 

[01.OCT'15 - Three Kings, Auckland - yeaha, summer is coming]