feeling pumped again =)


...ahhh, just 12h to go!!!! It finally come true, my bike is raked up the big event I was looking goer ward and training to for such a long time and what was my final goal for my extraordinary time here in NZ. It really feels like all things are coming to an end. Please just cross fingers for me it we'll be an awesome and unforgettable race. The scenery is set up. We got snow this morning on the mountain. I just need to rock it now :p

If you wanna follow me, there's an app available frm "Challenge Wanaka". Just download it, it's free and look for my name or start number (1030). In Germany it's also on at prime time: Friday eve at 20.15 ;) In NZ for your breakfast coffee: 08.15. So please cross fingers and see ya at the finish line =)

Kia Ora