Merry X-Mas =)

xmas dinner

This christmas I had the great honour to celebrate together with my lovely Kiwi family. They kindly invited me to their xmas and new years parties in Tairua, Coromandel. Means xmas on the beach =) For me an absolute unique experience and chance to explore how christmas is been celebrated here in New Zealand. And I can tell you it's similar but also totally different. Starts with the fact teach xmas is here in the middle of summer. So short, barefoot and sunscreen instead of puff jacket, beanie and boots = 1:0 New Zealand!!! Sure they also have a xmas tree and heaps (I mean heeeeeaaaaps of food). But strangely Santa is coming on 25th in the morning not like in Germany on xmas eve. With makes scene, cause is busy in Europe ;) Xmas songs with snow and cold weather done really fit but are played the whole day :D I vote for new NZ specific ones!! ....Gingerbread houses have also been a new tradition they didn't know about :O So I was more then happy I could introduce these craziness from Germany. Divided up into three teams we honestly spent a whole day using all our creativity, engineering and decoration skills to create three totally different but all absolute stunning ginger bread houses =) A hobbit hole, a classic witch house and an igloo were the result of 14 adults daily work!!! Chapeau guys!! I was really impressed how everyone was into it and enjoyed it. I hope you're keeping this tradition and remember me next year, when I'm back in good old and cold Germany =(

I like to say thank you for two really relaxing, enjoyable and rememberable weeks I could again be part of your family and could live the Kiwi way of live. You guys really make feel home here in NZ and make it f***ing hart for me to leave!!! Even writing this makes me feel sad about leaving this probably most loveliest place on earth. I hope we stay in contact and this won't be our last xmas together NZ or Germany, I don't mind. You're more than welcome coming over an figure out how we celebrate xmas. My home is yours. But you already know that ;)

...stunning moments and pictures we also had at sunrise on the top of Mt. Paku and the Moon rise on xmas day after dinner!!! These and more really fascinating picture you can find in my Photo Gallery:
Xmas 24.12.2015. Definitely have look there!!!!

Sunrise at Top of Mt. Paku

Thank you Santa for my Stocking and my new Running kit!!! 
Thank you also Mom, for you lovely xmas package you sent over =)

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