German dinner for my Kiwi family

After so many weekends and amazing days I already spent on waiheke island and together with Ben and his family, it was my turn now to prepare some German dinner and a great chance for me to thank you for all that kindness, home feeling and hosting I got to enjoy over the last few month! Thank you so much guys! A really unique experience and time for me I'm spending with you here. I'm so happy being around with you and enjoying every single day!!! Really, a great thank you for that!! Your welcome in Germany any time. My house is your house!

Sarah, Ben, Michelle, me, Gareth & Jill

We had roasted pork with red cabbage and Knödel. For desert mouse au chocolate with aple chips and a 2002 Eiswein from Reinhessen, that Bens Brother and his wife brought over! .....yam =)

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